Conference Tools are all about enabling interactions with your audience. Simply and intelligently.

We’ve made it easy to do common brainstorms, moderate debates with audience feedback, make real time polls, evaluations and much more.

With Conference Tools you get a link based service. This means you don’t have to rent expensive hardware or ask your guests to download software. You just access the links we provide and you’re up and running.

All your guests need is a device that can access the internet be it a tablet, smartphone or laptop and they can start interacting straight away. So do as many other international companies and organizations and start using Conference Tools today.


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Our products are single function tools that enable easy, realtime interactions with your audience. So get started today crowdsourcing your audience for answers, ideas and opinions. All your audience needs is a device that can access the internet – Smartphone, Tablet or laptop etc. – and they are ready to respond. No downloads are required. They can either type the link in their browser or scan it with a QR code. And with a full feedback report you can keep track of all the activity generated at your conference.


Brainstorm Tool

A great tool for collecting short sentence feedback from you audience, effectively moderate a debate and much more…

In essence Brainstorm Tool is a list that appears on the big screen as people write their response to your question or topic.

It can be used casually at conferences as a wall where people can write their ideas and comments.

Or better yet, in managed sessions, say for instance an internal sales kick-off, where groups of people pitch in with their feedback in a common brainstorm effort.

Finally it’s also great for moderated debates where questions can be taken from the audience. Allowing for more questions to be collected, feedback from people who might be reluctant to speak up in crowds and for the moderator to keep a clear focus in the debate because he/she can take the questions that are best suited for the topic.

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Evaluate Tool

A classic. You need to evaluate your event outcome but maybe you’d like a more contemporary platform…

You probably already work with some sort of evaluation tool when organizing events – maybe via email afterwards. Ever considered letting your audience evaluate on the spot? Via their own Smartphone?

Evaluate Tool allows you to get the feedback while it’s fresh, before your audience goes home. This might just increase your response rate and improve the quality of data. And you don’t have to worry about those who leave without accessesing the evaluation – because it’s link based, you can always re-send it via your regular channels.

Afterwards we send you a full feedback report so you can stay on top of your conferences and events.

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Nominate Tool

Tired of always having to determine what your audience should debate. How about crowdsourcing them for what they think is important…

Nominate Tool is a two-stepped tool that truly let’s you crowdsource your audience. First step: everyone can pitch in with ideas, people, topics or whatever you’d like to nominate. Second step: everyone can place a vote for either one of all the suggested ideas, people or topics. Sounds odd? Then try this example:

You want to find the salesperson of the year, or maybe ask your audience who they’d want to speak at your next conference. But you don’t want to impose your preconceptions unto your audience or bias them with your opinion.

You then use the Nominate Tool by first letting everyone pitch in with ideas, and secondly letting them vote. Nominate Tool then ranks the options with the most votes and bingo you’ve crowdsourced your audience.

Another idea is to let your audience create their own breakout sessions…

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Vote tool

See your results in realtime with a variety of graphical interfaces…

The name almost explains itself. Vote Tool allows your audience to vote on any given subject that you choose. You just have to define your question and what options the audience should have for voting and bingo – votes fly in in real-time, so you see the graphical interface change as the audience cast their vote.

A number of graphical interfaces are available from bar charts to pie charts and our experience tells us that it’s a really good ice-breaker to ask for your audiences opinion in the beginning and maybe following up on it later in your session…

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Enterprise solutions

We develop custom made solutions for your organization, if your needs are continous and large scale or if you want to create a one-point access to many Conference Tool sessions for your conference. Get in touch and we’ll discuss how we can meet your special requirements. We also service hotel chains and other conference location providers with white label solutions, so their guests can enjoy the benefits of digital interaction without having to invest in software development.



Learn more about our services, pricing and how we can deliver Conference Tools to your organization. Our phones are open at +45.32195732, or write us a line and we’ll get back to you shortly.






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How do I download Conference Tools?

You don’t. Whether you are moderating a debate or are in the audience, you can always enjoy Conference Tools by simply accessing the link provided.
Do I need to download additional software to use Conference Tools?

No. Conference Tools is supported by all platforms and you can access it from any mobile device as long as it has internet access.
Can I customize the layout and functions of Conference Tools?

Yes, whether you want to visually match the layout with your corporate brand or maybe facilitate various brainstorming sessions within different categories, Conference Tools gives you the flexibility you need.
How do I collect and organize my data after interacting with the audience?

A full feedback report is sent to you once the session is over. Simple as that.
Will the data posted be made public?

No. You can customize your link so it won’t pop up in a regular search engine query.
Can I be anonymous when responding to a Conference Tools session?

Yes. As an interacting member of the audience, you can choose between typing in your name or you can leave the space blank, in which case you will appear as ‘anonymous’.
Can I get updated on new features of Conference Tools?

Absolutely, fill in the boxes above and we’ll write you whenever there are new features. You can also follow us on LinkedIn at the email above and we’ll  notify you with new updates and features.
Can you drop by and explain the service a bit more in detail?

No surprise we love to talk about Conference Tools, however we are based in Copenhagen Denmark so house calls are only made in this proximity. We can however set-up a Skype conference and do a full product demonstration for you and your colleagues  anywhere in the world.
What do you know about Conferences?

Quite a bit actually. Conference Tools are developed by who have been doing large and small scale events for multi-national clients for almost a decade. Our experience in this field is reflected in the software which is developed as single function tools that can be easily and cost-efficient accessed and bundled together according to our clients needs. We prefer to keep it simple, because we know that the last thing you want is a complex software set-up.
Can I test it?

Isn’t it the best way to see if it fits your needs? Go to the contact form above and tick in the ‘free trial’. You’ll receive test links for Brainstorm Tool and Vote Tool, and a salesperson will get in touch with you not long after.

Support can be either physical, with a Conference Tools expert present for the entire duration of your event, or virtual in terms of an open telephone hotline. You can also go support-free once you have grown accustomed to our services and appreciate their simplicity. The pricing of course scales according to our level of involvement.
Access via QR Code?

Access is possible via anything that connects to the internet via an internet browser. So you can either let your audience type a regular URL in their browser or convert the link into a QR code that can be scanned by most Smartphones.
What does it cost?

We are constantly working on our solution to make it better and more efficient, and therefore cheaper for you and your organization to use. Write us a mail or give us a call describing your needs and we’ll get back with a quote.